Truskavets, the world famous spa resort, is located in the picturesque valley in the Carpathian foothills at an altitude of 350 m above sea level and 105 km away from Lviv. Lviv airport and railway station connect it with the major cities of Ukraine and European countries.

Truskavets is a cozy and ecologically pure zone with temperate continental climate and a wide variety of natural resources. The resort is one of the oldest in Europe. Its territory is rich for mineral waters with its 14 natural sources and the deposits of mountain wax — ozokerite.

«Naftusya» is  mineral water with unique healing properties that made the town very popular. It appeared thanks to the solid oil residues. «Naftusya» has beneficial effect on digestion, treats chronic inflammatory diseases of the kidneys and liver; it also helpes patients with metabolic disorders and diabetes.

In 2004, the World Federation of Hydro- and Climate therapies FEMTEC recognized Truskavets the best world resort in terms of development.

In 2014 Truskavets was awarded  Diploma of European Council. Truskavets was honored with this high award for the strengthening of partnership, the development of friendship and cooperation among European regions, support and promotion of European ideas and values.

Old balneotherapy traditions are not forgotten. Specialists of Medical centre of «Rixos Prykarpattya» have developed various programs for diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation depending on the age and diagnosis of the patient. In the medical center the latest medical achievements are used together with the ancient methods of balneotherapy .


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