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Where and how to celebrate the New Year in 2023?

The New Year 2023 is approaching – a magical series of winter holidays. Now they want them especially strongly, because in the past year there were not so many good things. Now I want to tune in to the positive, exchange surprises and allow myself positive emotions. Those who are looking forward to this transition from 2022 to 2023 and changes for the better have long wondered where to celebrate the New Year.

But there are so many offers, and you don’t know what is more tempting: to see Ukrainian cities and relax in a hotel or arrange a real European adventure for yourself. How to choose the best option? Read this article and you will find out where unforgettable New Year holidays await you.

Where to celebrate the New Year in 2023?

If you have this question, then you probably do not plan to stay at home on the most awaited night of all 12 months. You can organize an event like this:

  • Gather with friends and have fun at one of their houses or rent a place.
  • Arrange that you will come to visit someone close to you. Today, the prospect of celebrating the New Year with the family is perceived especially warmly.
  • Reserve a table in one of the city’s establishments that are open on the night of January 1.
  • Settle in a countryside tourist complex, for example, not far from the forest.
  • Go to Bukovel or another resort in western Ukraine.
  • Go to a cozy European city.

If you want to change the situation, get enough of vivid impressions and delicious dishes, it is better to take note of the last two points. The West of our country will delight you with the traditional meeting of holidays, color and real winter with an abundance of snow.

A trip to Europe is a way to touch another culture, to get acquainted with world-famous sights. Traveling to another city or country will be a chic gift for the New Year 2023 and a way to reset.

Top 5 places in Western Ukraine to celebrate the New Year

One of the most trendy ways to celebrate the main celebrations of winter is a vacation in the city of Lion. It will long remain in the memory of a fabulous fair on Rynok Square and traditional festivities. This city is beautiful and unique in its architecture, and on New Year’s Eve, Lviv is especially transformed.

It suits the snowy decoration and the abundance of decorations that frame numerous cafes and restaurants. If walks and gatherings in pleasant places are not enough, you should pay attention to ski resorts:

  1. Bukovel. It will delight you not only with extreme activities, but also with a measured rest in a cozy wooden house or hotel. You can also visit the Guk and Proboy waterfalls located nearby.
  2. Truskavets. If you are interested in winter sports and water treatment, you should choose this option. There are all the opportunities and amenities for a useful holiday for the whole family, and for children – expanse.
  3. Verkhovyna. Acquaintance with cultural and natural attractions, ski slopes, gastronomic experiences. All this awaits the tourist in this location.
  4. Dragobrat. In addition to the ski resort, which is known even outside of Ukraine, there are many exciting entertainments. Bathing in vats, an excursion to the Dragobrat waterfall and a lot of traditional Hutsul food. Neither older people nor kids will be bored here.

Below is detailed information about the must-visit places of these settlements.

New Year’s Bukovel

Going here for the New Year is a great idea if you like to spend time actively. There are specially equipped slopes for skiing, the total length of which reaches 50 km. There are also 16 lifts. You can enjoy activities such as:

  • Jibbing.
  • Zorbing.
  • Snowboarding.
  • Ice skating, inflatable tablet, dog or horse sled.

If you want something more soothing, you can spend time alone with nature. Arriving in Bukovel is an amazing opportunity to see two real waterfalls. In winter, they are especially fascinating: a 15-meter wall consisting of icicles rises outside, and an unstoppable stream rustles inside. The first Zhenetsky waterfall, also known as Guk, is located in a nearby village. Mykulychin. The second is Breakdown, an 8-meter waterfall. You can look at it on the outskirts of Yaremche.

Almost all hotels that are located on the territory of the Bukovel resort usually prepare their own entertainment program. Meeting the long-awaited holiday means a delicious dinner and a spectacular show. Also on site you can go to a restaurant, bar or nightclub. The rest of the vacation should be devoted to walking in the fresh air, exploring the surroundings, relaxing in the bath or sauna.

Lviv for the New Year: where to go and what to see?

The city of Lion is a celebrity among all the settlements in the west of Ukraine. The advantages of staying here are rest with European service and atmosphere, combined with traditional Ukrainian festivities. Usually Lviv turns into a solid Christmas decoration for the New Year. Locals and tourists gather at Rynok Square or in front of the Drama Theatre, have fun and warm themselves with mulled wine.

Probably, now the celebration will be held without the former scope. But what will definitely happen is the observance of traditions. It is better to come to Lviv already on the twentieth of December in order to:

  • Succeed at Christmas.
  • Meet the nativity scenes.
  • See Saint Nicholas.
  • Watch the procession of stars, accompanied by carols.
  • Walk to the monument to Stepan Bandera – Lviv residents observe this tradition on January 1st.

You can start the New Year 2023 with a busy walk through the cozy streets. You will certainly be satisfied, because you will explore one of the most beautiful cities of old Europe. During each visit here, Lviv is revealed in a new way. You notice details that you didn’t pay attention to before.

Climb the High Castle and see how exquisitely the snow has adorned the roofs of ancient buildings. If you want real medieval romance, you should sign up for a tour of real castles: Olesko – Svirzhsky – Zolochevsky – Podgoretsky – Zholkovsky. Lviv for the New Year is able to pleasantly surprise both an adult and a young traveler. But, if you feel cramped among the chic historical architecture, go to the Lviv region. Wide expanses, picturesque mountain views and fresh air will help you relax and improve your health.

Verkhovyna: ways to celebrate the New Year, 2023?

If you dream of spending holidays in the Carpathians, you should know that one of the best locations in this region is Verkhovyna. Many accommodation options, magical landscapes and hospitable Hutsuls will make your holiday picture perfect. Incendiary dances, folk songs, as well as delicious local cuisine will be mandatory attributes of the celebration. The location offers a variety of entertainment: skiing, sledding, horse sledding. Adherents of measured leisure are recommended to visit the following interesting places:

  • Museum of Hutsul magic.
  • Gallery, where local rituals and traditions are presented.
  • The hut where Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors was filmed.
  • Khata-stay cheese factory, where you can buy and even learn how to cook cheese.
  • Museum of Musical Instruments.

You will be impressed by the fabulous view of the Black Cheremosh River, centuries-old beeches and the majestic mountain range. For this alone, it is worth visiting the Verkhovyna resort.

Dragobrat: how to celebrate the New Year?

Holiday atmosphere, snow-covered expanses, outdoor activities – there are many more reasons to come to Dragobrat. By choosing the right accommodation for yourself, you can celebrate the celebration with your closest ones, and then go skiing or snowboarding with them. If you don’t know how to do it yet, it’s best to learn in a place with a unique climate. You are guaranteed forest landscapes and bewitching mountain slopes with a dense layer of snow – excellent conditions for:

  • Go trekking for the New Year.
  • Ride a snowmobile.
  • Relax in a vat, sauna or bath with an incredible view of the Carpathian nature.
  • Travel to Yasinya see the Strukovsky Church, built in 1824. This shrine is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • Visit the Trufanets waterfall.

Stunning panoramas, delicious dishes in local hospitable establishments and favorite leisure activities – you will not want to leave Dragobrat.

What does Truskavets offer for the New Year 2023?

Truskavets boasts one of the most geographically advantageous positions. It is close to the ski resorts, which are well-known among winter sports enthusiasts. These are Slavske, Plai, as well as smaller resorts: Tysovets and Oryavchik. You will also like the fact that the Bukovica ski slope is already a 5-minute drive from the city.

Coming here for the New Year holidays is a wonderful idea, because the infrastructure here is quite developed: there is always a place to have a tasty meal, and how to get to rented accommodation. Local hotels and resorts have different pricing policies. Thanks to this, people with different incomes can afford holidays in a snowy fairy tale called Truskavets.

An impeccable place where it will be comfortable to stay not only with friends, but also with children, will be the resort complex Rixos-Prykarpattya with a balneological direction. Here you can not only live, but also attend wellness treatments. Natural healing springs and friendly staff will ensure that guests effectively recuperate after a hard year. New Year holidays in local hotels are always fun and exciting. They can be celebrated by visiting local cultural, historical and natural monuments:

  • Historical Museum.
  • Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • Landscape park “Podgorie”.

You might prefer an all-inclusive package. Then the New Year will be celebrated with a show program, themed parties, tasty and healthy food and other privileges of a comprehensive service.

Feel free to choose this corner in the foothills of the Carpathians, if you are still wondering where to celebrate the New Year. You will enjoy the proximity of the accommodation to bars and restaurants. A well-groomed territory, its own medical center and maximum integration into a picturesque environment should be the decisive criteria when choosing a location for recreation.

Where to celebrate the New Year abroad?

New Year 2023 will definitely start with positive emotions if you meet it abroad. New experiences await you, vibrant decorations everywhere, an abundance of authentic street food, and, on a good budget, visits to the best establishments.


Ukrainians are warmly welcomed by European cities. A trip to the New Year holidays to a point on the map with a solid history automatically makes the vacation fabulous. You should pay attention to the following options:

  1. Poland. You can visit Poznan or Krakow. To many, they remind Lviv for the New Year. Christmas markets deserve your attention, where both adults and children can have fun. The ski resort of Zakopane is in demand among tourists.
  2. Denmark. In Copenhagen, the Nyhavn promenade is a must-see, where you will see not only delightful festive lights, but also touching colorful houses. At the Langelinie pier, you will notice the famous Little Mermaid. You can also arrange a small tour of Fredensborg and Bernstorf castles. Children will enjoy the zoo and aquarium.
  3. Sweden. If you want to see the northern lights, head north of Jokkmokk, closer to the border with Norway. There are the best places to observe this amazing phenomenon. This will be a great gift for yourself.
  4. Finland. For mothers with children, the choice of where to celebrate the New Year is obvious – in Lapland. Not only does Santa Claus live here, but there is also an amusement park, a dog and deer farm, where they ride sleds. The child will be delighted. Helsinki, like any other Finnish city, is transformed by festive illuminations and brightly decorated shop windows, which will appeal to people of all ages.
  5. Germany. In Munich, on the Marienplatz, the main market dedicated to Christmas is open. There is also an elegant Christmas tree, souvenir shops, and kiosks with hearty food. You might be interested in the Tollwood Festival at Olympiapark. The program includes circus and theatrical performances, various exhibitions and concerts. In Berlin, the New Year holidays are also not complete without fairs. The best was the WeihnachtsZauber in the Gendarmenmarkt. You can get good vibes there.
  6. Spain. To many, this option may seem unexpected. But, for example, in Barcelona, a magnificent Christmas atmosphere is combined with the charm of a resort seaside city.

Now you know the best ideas on how and where to celebrate the New Year. Both local resorts and famous foreign locations delight guests with colorful and colorful events. Holidays in Europe are always a positive experience. But know that even closer to home you can find a whole kaleidoscope of amazing places where the new year will be positive and carefree.

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