Interview with the President of the International Association of Mayer-Therapists

Rixos-Prykarpattya - Center of therapy Mayer in Ukraine.

In our time, when most people, living in a frenzied rhythm, suffering from stress and so-called "civilizational diseases", more and more attention to itself attracts natural medicine, various methods of detoxification.

Specialists of the most famous 5-star resort complex in Ukraine "Rixos-Prykarpattya", located in Truskavets, have long been successfully working in this direction. This is the only Ukrainian center, officially certified by the International Association of Doctors Mayer (Austria).

Dr. Alex Vitasek, founder and President of the International Meyer Association of Physicians, a member of the Meyer Association of Physicians at the European Society of Natural Medicine at the University of Berlin, once again visited "Rixos-Prykarpattya" with lectures for doctors.

In an interview with the management of the complex, he answered questions that interest those who are going to try on the healing power of natural medicine, one of the methods of which is Mayer-therapy.

How did you come to the Meyer therapy? Your story.Alex Vitasek

- I started as a surgeon, and I was very interested in the fact that in 70% of cases of operations on the intestine, she was really healthy, not inflamed. Often I conducted operations on organs that were obviously injured due to poor nutrition. Accordingly, I was thinking that these organs could be cured by completely different means, avoiding surgery. When I was engaged in military medicine in Syria, I also provided medical services to the local population. It was there that I began to think about prevention, which makes it possible to avoid the disease, and not to treat the already existing one. Indeed, despite the development of modern medicine and high-tech pharmaceutical industry, the problem of civilizational diseases exists. I then became interested in this topic, and the Meyer therapy concept seemed logical and successful to me.

As a result, I have not returned to surgical practice, but I have gone to work at one of the wellness centers by the Mayerian physician. There I worked for two years, and then I moved to one of the largest centers of Mayer's therapy, "Lanzerhof", which later headed for 14 years.

How could you briefly describe the main principles of Meyer Therapy?

- To put it briefly, the main purpose of Mayer's therapy is to detoxify the body, regenerate the gastrointestinal tract, which improves digestion, eliminates inflammatory processes. It should be noted that in the body of an average person there may be many small inflammations. This is not necessarily accompanied by high temperature and pain, there are things we do not feel, but these constant invisible inflammations are responsible for the emergence of most civilizational diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, hemorrhages, dementia, exhaustion, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, motor apparatus, rheumatism, etc. With the help of Mayer's therapy it is possible to significantly reduce these inflammations. The most recent scientific advances we use relate to improving intestinal flora. Now we are clearly aware that intestinal flora is responsible for a large number of processes and causes malaise and many illnesses.

Can you tell me about the history of Mayer Therapy? What brought modern medicine, modern technology into the traditional Mayer-therapy?

- A very interesting and important topic. Dr. Franz Xavier Mayer was born in Austria in 1875, lived for 90 years and made his medical career mainly in Vienna and in Karlovy Vary. He noticed that the digestive system of many people works with violations and it is very important for them to learn the correct eating. This means eating slowly, chewing well, not eating food after a feeling of satiety, eating in a relaxed state, drinking enough. He also launched a special belly massage and a classic Mayer's diet, best known to many, a rigorous tea-bakery or dairy-baker diet (not a hunger, but a serious enough limitation). Introducing this diet to Dr. Mayer in order to better educate patients to chew properly. To do this, the most suitable for him was stale bread. He also thought about which food product, under the conditions of restriction, would contain most of the necessary nutrients for the body and decided that milk would be best suited as milk fed infants during their growth, the largest cell division, and it should be suitable for adults At that time, everything was easier: wheat had less gluten than now, when it was grown, insecticides that damaged our nervous and digestive system were not used, and almost no reciprocity of milk was found that is so common now. Recently, a lot has changed in Mayer's therapy, in particular, in nutrition. The diet is diversified - a limited amount of carbohydrates, cooked vegetables that are easily digested, high-quality oils that have anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, we appoint bitter salt, various additional vitamins, and trace elements. The principles of nutrition at Meyer Therapy are recognized and appreciated by modern science. The winner of the Nobel Prize in 2016, Professor of Tokyo Technological University Yoshinori Osumi, received the award for studying the mechanisms of autophagy. Autophagy - the process of digestion of its own organelles and parts of the cytoplasm with the help of lysosomes, which eliminates old and damaged cells. It is this process that occurs in conditions close to starvation at the course of Mayer-therapy. Modern Meyer Therapy also offers additional massage techniques, detoxifying instrumental massages and spa treatments to accelerate recovery and regeneration processes. In addition, of course, the most modern diagnostic capabilities (laboratory, endoscopic, radiation) are used.

What are the contraindications to Meyer Therapy?

"Fortunately, they are getting less, because the approach to patients is always very individual and we use very soft diets. The main contraindications are severe mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, and acute inflammation, such as acute pulmonary inflammation. And cancer in the process of treatment by chemotherapy, or if necessary, surgical intervention. It is incorrect to say that Mayer-Therapy can cure cancer. Mayer therapy can prevent the onset of a cancer, it also has a very good effect on the recovery process after surgery or chemotherapy. If this is an acute condition, then we can advise patients how to behave better, eat, but when exacerbating the disease, I would not recommend taking the course. Mayer-therapy is also contraindicated in ulcerative colitis if it bleeds. While Crohn's disease is just a direct demonstration of Mayer's therapy, even if there is bleeding. This is the latest information. As modern studies have shown, Crohn's disease is not autoimmune disease, and inflammation of the intestine due to bad flora, as a rule, this disease has a genetic basis, but just the Mayer's therapy is very helpful at the same time. Contraindication can be thioretic toxicoemia, if too much thyroid gland is formed. And one more important contraindication is when the patient does not want to take the course. Everything should be voluntary, of course.

And diabetes is a contraindication?

- On the contrary, just type 2 diabetes is one of the main displays for passing. And with type 1 diabetes you can go. In diabetes, accompanying illnesses which arise when it occurs can retreat. For example, in Type 1 diabetes, rheumatism or any rash on the skin is common. Diabetics of the 1st type, as a rule, are not overweight, but again, they may have a duodenal ulcer, permanent constipation or diarrhea. With type 2 diabetes, the body has insulin resistance, that is, insulin receptors in cells do not work, and in the initial stage, type 2 diabetes patients have more insulin in the blood than a healthy person. But this insulin does not work because insulin receptors are damaged due to inflammation in the body and excessive amounts of insulin. We can fix this problem with Mayer's therapy. As a rule, our patients stopped taking medicines after a course, feeling well. New research shows that even those who have already started taking insulin medicines can also abandon this because of the therapy, because pancreatic cells that produce insulin can regenerate and recover, and therefore, after treatment, medicines are often not needed. Actually, in this area, the pendulum has leaned towards Meyer's therapy, new studies have shown that it is very effective in diabetes.

What do you say about an allergy-an illness of civilization? Does Mayer-therapy help to get rid of allergies?

- If we talk about allergies, then Mayer therapy is simply fantastically effective in this regard. Allergy can be compared to a soldier who was crazy and began to shoot at his own, and we need to put in order in the head of this soldier. The normalization of the immune system thanks to Meyer Therapy is very good, and we reinforce this work by improving the bacteriological state in the intestine and preventing increased permeability syndrome. This applies to both food allergies, allergic asthma and neurodermatitis, and they respond well to Mayer's therapy. Usually histamine intolerance should also be taken into account, that is, there should be a comprehensive nutrition counseling. Dr. Sartor, who is not only the vice president of the Mayer International Association of Doctors, but also a scientist working in many research laboratories, at one time tested Meyer Therapy on his own. I myself had the first course. He suffered from asthma and twice in his life almost died of attacks, he had to use the inhaler constantly. At the end of the course, he did not need any drugs at all. Somewhere in half a year he passed another course, and since that time (and almost 20 years has passed) there are no problems with asthma, he is absolutely healthy.

How Does Mayer Therapy Improve Aesthetic Skin Condition?

- With neurodermatitis it works very effectively. If we talk about psoriasis, then there is a positive effect, but not so much that you can get rid of this disease completely. But after the course the state is improving. In older people, it's great for acne, helps reduce the age pigmentation of the skin.

Where in the world are Meyer's clinics?

- Most certified centers are located in Europe: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain. In Russia, recently opened a center. There is "Rixos-Prykarpattya" in Ukraine. Incidentally, this is the only complex of Mayer-therapy, which has such a well-equipped base. After all, there is even MRI here. With such a selection of doctors there is no other complex, nowhere is there such a narrow number of specialists. In general, such a number of certified doctors, Mayer-specialists does not have any complex in Europe. Mayer's doctors are in South America, Chile, Argentina, Brazil. Many doctors are in Benelux, Switzerland, Germany. There are several doctors in Russia and Turkey. Work in China is starting now. I think that the next years of my life, I will be very often in China, has already signed an agreement to organize six health centers there, this is pure Mayer-clinic. The main investor is the state health fund. In China, they are already saturated with Chinese medicine and want something fresh and new. A visit by the Chinese delegation to all major Meyer therapy centers is scheduled. In China, it is planned to establish a separate academy, research center, and a large laboratory. A large study funded separately: a hundred Chinese will be treated in both "Lanserhofs" in Austria, and will study the impact of Mayer-Therapy on the Chinese. The total cost of such a project is approximately 1 million euros, only research. The Chinese are looking for something better and choose Mayer's therapy, because she is very helpful in helping civilizational illnesses, which they also suffer from.

A few words about the prospects of Rixos-Prykarpattya. We already know that this is the largest center with a large number of doctors.

- Prospects are very good. I very often mention you in my lectures, I put it as an example. Your location is optimal: far from industrial districts, large agglomerations that can be dangerous in terms of environmental pollution or social protest, very far from the crisis region. I think it will be much easier for many to go here than to look for something in the world, since it has become so uncertain. For such, say the Asian states, like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, you are already Europe, and, accordingly, they too should have gone here. You can also offer much more attractive prices than Western and Central Europe. You have a huge medical competence in the complex, a competence that is not everywhere. And even your guests who do not undergo Mayer-therapy receive a very healthy diet. I rarely saw the usual Swedish restaurant line so thought-out and presentable. This also contributes to creating a positive environment, the health here just hibernates in the air. Well, the center with so many rooms is also unusual. But the most important thing for such large objects, I have to tell you from experience with others, so that people who make decisions in a complex, themselves were adherents of this method. And you have it to the fullest.


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