Restrictions and prohibitions

  • We care about the health of our guests and visitors.
    That is why smoking is prohibited on the territory of the complex (in rooms, halls, bars)!
    Smoking is allowed in designated areas located outdoors near the entrances to the complex.
  • There is a rule concerning your stay in the complex with pets that takes into account the interests of the majority of our guests:
    stay together with pets are not allowed! In exceptional cases (the matter concerns about dogs up to 2 kg), this option requires permission from the management of complex.
    The owner of the pet needs must also pay UAH 5 000 for additional housekeeping services as well as mandatory compliance with specific rules.
    The hotel reserves the right to refuse in accommodation of guests if you fail to fulfil the above requirements.
    Please take this information into consideration before going on holiday to «Rixos-Prykarpattya».


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