1. Prices for accommodation and what they include
You can also calculate the price yourself using our online booking system.
2. Information about Rates
We have six rates for accommodation: Bed and Breakfast, Half Board, Full Board, Resort Rate, SPA Rate and Day Use Rate. To get exact rate amount You should make a request in our online booking system located on the bottom of the web site. Day Use Rate is only bookable be phone +38 032 477 1111.
3. How to make a reservation on our site?
You can use the booking form at the bottom of the page to make a reservation online. Set the desired period of stay and click «Check availability». After that, continue the booking process by filling the necessary fields. Fields marked with asterisk are required.
4. How to cancel a reservation made on the site?
Click the button «Check availability» in the booking form on the website without specifying the dates. After that click the button «Cancel the reservation». You will find the form for cancelling your reservation where you fill in the required information (name and reservation number). Following the prompts you cancel your reservation.
5. Comfortable Rooms
All rooms include:
  • Mini-bar,
  • Cable TV,
  • Access to the Internet,
  • Telephone (in the room and in the bathroom),
  • System of air-conditioning and heating,
  • Electronic safe,
  • Hair dryer,
  • Bathroom (bath and toilet),
  • Balcony (in all rooms except «Suites» and «Apartment»).
6. Do you give dressing-gowns, slippers and towels?
Yes, we do. Each type of room are equipped with slippers, dressing-gowns, towels and hygiene products.
7. Is there Wi-Fi?
Free Wi-Fi throughout the complex.
8. Payment in advance
Payment in advance is necessary only for the booking period of May Day Celebrations and New Year and Christmas Holidays.
9. What are the actions during the New Year and Christmas holidays (Superhigh season)?
During the superhigh season special actions are not offered. Discounts are given only according to the operating program of loyalty.
10. Schedule of reservation department
Reservation department opening hours: daily 8:00 am – 8:00 pm.
11. Room reservation
You can reserve a room and find out the cost of staying in our complex you can own in the booking form on our website, calling the Reservations Department by calling +38 (032) 477 11 11 or by sending a request by e-mail reservation@rixos.com.ua.
12. Placing on an additional place
Placing on an additional place can be possible in "Corner" type of room and some other one. An additional bed is delivered on demand.
13. Day Use Rate
Now you can take full advantage of 5* service and additional services of Rixos Prykarpattya by staying in our hotel from 08:00 till 22:00 during the same day. To get more information and book the rate please call our Reservation Dpt by +38 032 477 1111. The Rate includes no meals or pansion plans.
14. Early check-in and late check-out
  • Arrivals between 00:00 and 04:00 are charged 100% of the daily room rate.
  • Arrivals between 04:00 and 14:00 are charged 50% of the daily room rate.
  • Late check-out from 12:00 till 20:00 are charged 50% of the daily room rate.
  • Late check-out from 20:00 till 00:00 are charged 100% of the daily room rate.
15. Additional facilities
You can find a list of additional facilities on our website in the section «About».
16. Is it allowed to stay with pets?
There is a rule concerning your stay in the complex with pets that takes into account the interests of the majority of our guests:
stay together with pets are not allowed! . In exceptional cases, this option requires permission from the management of complex. The owner of the pet needs must also pay UAH 5 000 for additional housekeeping services.
Please take this information into consideration before going on holiday to «Rixos-Prykarpattya».
17. Can I smoke in the hotel?
We care about the health of our guests and visitors!
That is why smoking is prohibited on the territory of the complex (in rooms, halls, bars)! Smoking is allowed in designated areas located outdoors near the entrances to the complex.
18. Is the service of babysitter in the hotel?
Yes, it is. Babysitter service can be given for additional payment.
19. Children's club, Rixos Camp
Every summer we invite your children to Rixos Camp. You can find out about the prices of accommodation and your child’s stay in the camp in the section «Children's leisure» on our site.
20. Schedule meals at the restaurant «Maximus» («buffet style»)
Breakfast: 07:00 - 10:00; Lunch: 12:30 - 15:00; Dinner: 18:30 - 22:00.
21. Organization of excursions
Our resort complex can organize you a number of various thematic excursions. For further information please call tel.: 38 (032) 477 11 11.
22. Transfer
This kind of service can be given only for additional payment. A price depends on a route, type and brand of a car.
23. Is there a parking place on the territory of complex?
Yes, it is. On the «Rixos-Prykarpattya» territory is a free of charge parking place, which is guarded by hotel security.
24. Where can I go skiing or snowboarding? Are some skiing trails near-by the complex?
Skiing, snowboarding and sledging can be possible on one of skiing slopes near-by Truskavets (Bukovytsia - 5 km, Mrazhnytsya - 10 km, Slavske - 75 km or Play - 100 km).
25. The geographical location of our hotel
Our complex is located in the center of Truskavets. Its territory occupies an area of 12 hectares in 10 minutes drive from the railway station of Truskavets.
26. Distance to city's pump-room
«Rixos-Prykarpattya» is a 10-minute walk from the pump room.
27. Hotel’s pump-room
On the territory of our complex there is a mineral water’s pump-room where you can try the healing properties of "Naftusya", "Maria" and "Morshynska №6".
28. Contacts
For reservation and to organize events, please, contact our Sales and Marketing Department:
  • tel.: +38 (032) 477 11 11,
  • mob.: +38 (067) 334 05 05,
  • fax: +38 (032) 477 11 12,
  • e-mail: reservation@rixos.com.ua.
29. Loyalty program
For our guests we have developed a system of discounts. More information about how to obtain discount cards RIXOS VIP CLUB you can found on our website in the section «About».
30. Cooperation
We work with corporate clients having flexible discount and bonus system. In intent of contract conclusion, please address to Sales and Marketing Department:
  • tel.: +38 (032) 477 11 11,
  • mob.: +38 (067) 334 05 05,
  • fax: +38 (032) 477 11 12,
  • e-mail: info@rixos.com.ua.

FAQ/Treatment by Dr. Mayr

1. The duration and frequency of medical treatment by Dr. Mayr
The full course of treatment by Dr. Mayr usually takes 3 or 4 weeks . The recommended frequency of the course by Dr. Mayr is every six months. However, this recommendation is not categorical. After taking the first course of the therapy you will learn to understand your body and will know when it’s time to detoxify.
2. What is the difference between 14, 21 and 28 days course of the therapy?
The difference lies in the intensity of therapeutic effect and, ultimately, in its effectiveness.
3. What will be the outcome of the therapy?
The result of treatment depends primarily on its intensity, duration and body reaction to it. Everyone is different and everyone has his own problems and goals while undertaking the course. The only result for all who undertake the course by Dr. Mayr (on condition that they follow doctor’s recommendations and fulfill all his orders) will be complete body purification and removal of toxins. We should also mention such positive effects as normalization of weight, refinement of skin, nails and hair structure, stabilization of blood pressure.
4. Is it possible to come with the family while one member undertakes the therapy?
It is possible, but we will advise you to stay in separate rooms in this case. As the patients who undergo the therapy by Dr. Mayr have special order of the day and series of procedures carried out in the room. This may cause some inconveniences both to the patient and to the family members.
5. What is included in the price of the program?
Diagnostics, laboratory research, consulting physician, nutritionist, cosmetologist, psychotherapist, personal diet, mineral supplements and medications, manual therapy and related procedures, sports activities and special training are included.
6. Where do you have examination and testing?
The medical center and medical laboratory have been specializing in the diseases of digestive tract and urinary system for many years. Our doctors, recognized and certified by the International Mayr Association, are specialists of the highest level.
7. What procedures are performed?
The procedures are recommended and prescribed by the doctor after diagnostics and laboratory tests. But the basic and mandatory are medical abdominal massage, detoxification lymphatic drainage massage, algal wrappings, alkaline baths. We should also note physical exercises. Guests are recommended daily morning exercises in group classes, attending swimming pool, outdoor walks and Nordic walking.
8. What is Nordic walking?
This is a kind of exercise. The technique implies the walking with the help of special sticks, leaning on them. Half an hour of Nordic walking will help you to lose about 300 calories, which is twice as much as during normal walking. Nordic walking technique is a good prophylaxis of hypertension, osteoporosis and diabetes. It also reduces the level of cholesterol. This kind of fitness has a positive effect on knee and hip joints; it helps to relieve the stress and improves physical appearance of the person.
9. What is medical abdominal massage?
The doctor performs respiratory and manual therapy during each course of treatment. And this is abdominal massage. It helps to purify the body and stimulates the digestive apparatus. It has a positive effect on all digestive and respiratory system, blood circulation and heart activity.
10. How often the medical massage is performed?
At least three times a week after visiting the doctor.
11. What is detoxification lymphatic drainage massage?
It is the combination of lymphatic drainage and massaging the reflex zones with the massage of connective tissues. It activates all body systems and stimulates the process of detoxification through energetic, reflexive and lymphatic mechanisms. Usually 2 or 3 procedures are performed depending on the duration of the program (14 or 21 days).
12. What is detoxification wrapping?
The procedure involves algae and alkaline mud application to the reflexive zones. It helps to get rid of the toxins. It can be cold or warm. The temperature is regulated by the doctor. 2 or 3 procedures are performed depending on the course length (14 or 21 days).
13. Can I undertake other procedures?
You can but after consulting the doctor.
14. What special clothes, cosmetics or medicines do I need to take?
Attending the alkaline baths or a swimming pool you will need just a swimming suite and a tracksuit for your physical activities. This is all you need for the treatment course. The rest you will get upon your arrival. You can bring your medical card with recent tests if you have one. This will help your doctor to determine the most effective treatment program for you.
15. Can I get the 1/5/7 day course?
You cannot, as your body needs time to activate the mode of purification and such a short term of treatment will not be effective enough for that. Therefore, we offer just 14/21 day programs.
16. How soon can I feel/see the effect?
Everybody reacts to the therapy in a different way. Someone will notice the changes in health within a week, someone will need three weeks and someone will see the result after returning home.
17. How many kilos will I lose? Will I recover after the program?
The primary goal of Mayr therapy is to purify the body from toxins. Normalization of weight is a nice additional effect. It all depends on your body. During the therapy your body optimizes the weight according to its needs. Lost/gained weight depends on the body’s response to the therapy, level of slagging . If you follow all doctor’s recommendations and instructions, you will receive maximum benefit from the therapy.
18. Are there any contradictions to undertaking the therapy?
Є. There are some. It is pregnancy, inflammations, heart diseases, cancer, osteoporosis, mental disorders, HIV/AIDS.
19. How to find out if I have any contradictions to the therapy?
When you come to us, our specialists will perform diagnostics, and if some contradictions are revealed, you will be offered alternative medical programs or we will refund your money paid for the treatment course.
20. I take medication due to chronic diseases. Can I undertake the course?
You can, but make sure to tell your doctor about it.
21. Tell me more about the diet.
Special diet is appointed by the doctor individually after your thorough examination.
22. What is the difference between the 21 days of treatment and 28 days of treatment?
More procedures and consultations are added to the 28 days of treatment.
23. The duration of the course has some influence on the result?
The longer the treatment is, the better will be result.
24. Is the increase of procedures in 28 days programme?
Yes, it is. The amount of procedures is increased.
25. Which procedures are added to the programme for 28 days in comparison with the programme for 21 days.
The program on 28 days include Charcot's douche.
26. What do I need to undertake the treatment course?
For this you need to call us on +38 (032) 477 11 11 or send us an email to mayr@rixos.ua
27. Where else can I undertake the course of Mayr therapy?
The therapy is practiced in Australia, Germany, Spain, Italy and Switzerland.
28. What is the cost of Mayr therapy abroad?
From 1600 EUR for a two-week basic course of therapy.

FAQ/Medical Center

1. What is the schedule of pump-room complex?
«Rixos-Prykarpattya» pump-room opening hours 6:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., 5:00p.m. – 11:00p.m.
2. What kind of mineral water is in pump-room?
«Rixos-Prykarpattya» pump-room offers such mineral waters of Truskavets as «Naftusya», «Morshynska No6» and «Maria».
3. What is the norm acceptance for mineral water?
Mineral water should be taken only on prescription. It is recommended for kidneys diseases, chronic hepatitis, cholecystitis, stone formation in kidneys and gall-bladder, in case of chronic gastritis, in case of chronic pancreatitis, gastroduodenitah, at a stomach ulcer of a stomach and a duodenal gut and with the functional disorders of the bowel.
4. What secures keeps mineral waters?
Curative properties of «Naftusya»:
  • prevent stone formation in kidneys and gall-bladder,
  • makes anti-inflammatory action,
  • normalizes metabolism,
  • increase activity of some endocrine glands,
  • makes choleretic, analgetic and detoxicating action,
  • improves urodynamic processes,
  • improves liver function and recovers immune system,
Curative properties of «Morshynska №6»:
  • normalizes stomack and bowels motority,
  • stimulates stomack secretion,
  • enforces bile formation and bile excretion,
  • improves metabolism.
Curative properties of «Maria»:
  • normalizes stomack secretion,
  • stimulates stomack motority,
  • enforces bile formation and bile excretion,
  • removes inflammating and spasmodic effects off gastro-ontestinal path.
5. The Medical Centre has a weekend?
The Medical Centre works without weekend.
6. Is there a lunch break in the Medical Centre?
In a Medical Centre a lunch break is from 12:00 a.m. – 1:00 a.m.
7. The Medical Centre has a laboratory?
There is the Clinicodiagnostic laboratory in a Medical Centre.
8. In what days is it possible to come for a diagnostics?
Diagnostic can be possible from Monday to Saturday.
9. In what period of the year it is possible to have a rest on «Resort Rate»?
On the «Resort Rate» it is possible to have a rest only during the low season.
10. Are children provided for treatment on «Resort Rate»?
Treatment in the «Resort Rate» is not provided for children under 16 years.
11. Whether possible is a diet food for «Resort Rate»?
With the «Resort Rate» food is provided at a buffet type restaurant - «Maximus».
12. What are the specialities of medical experts in the Centre?
You can receive consultations of highly skilled medical experts of twenty specialities: therapist, cardiologist, urologist, dentist, endocrinologist, gynaecologist, endocrinologist, neuropathologist, proctologist, nutritionist, otolaryngologist, skin and venereal diseases specialist, physiotherapist, ophthalmologist, ultrasonic diagnostics specialist, magnetic-resonance tomography specialist.
13. What kind of massages are in the Medical Centre?
There are such types of massages in a Medical Centre, as medical massage, classic massage, anti-cellulite massage, lymph-drainage massage, biovascular massage, neiro massage.
14. What are the medical programmes for weigh loss?
In the Medical Centre there are different treatment programmes for weigh loss with the special food diet: «Mayr Therapy», «Weigh loss» and «Intensive Cleaning (Detox)».
15. What are the procedures and treatment given for weigh loss in the Medical Centre?
There are different medical programes for evacuation of the bowels, weigh loss, moreover a nutritionist will pick up for you a special diet with the help of which you lost weigh and will be feeling perfect.
16. Does complex include the diet food?
The nutritionist give you an individual diet.
17. Is there the treatment of spine desease?
Highly skilled neuropathologists will help you to improve your health.
18. Is there the treatment of heart problems?
Highly skilled cardiologists will help you to improve your health with heart problems.
19. Is there the treatment of urinary system?
It is held under the urologist support.
20. Is there the treatment of gastrointestinal tract?
In the Medical Centre it is possible to have laboratory diagnostics ECG, Ultrasonography of the urinary system.


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