Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine represents recent scientific advances, effective methods and products of high technology. They help to achieve the effect of skin rejuvenation, correct defects of person's appearance according to personal perception of beauty.

In our medical center the following technologies are used to achieve such objectives:

Hydra Facial is:

  • fundamental breakthrough in aesthetic technology,
  • the newest procedure of vacuum hydro peeling and hydro dermabrasion,
  • multifunctional system of simultaneous application of serum and exfoliation.

In the basis of the technology lies hydro peeling — delicate and deep skin cleansing, which can be performed both for face and body. This technology is suitable for all skin types and provides visual results after the first treatment.

PRP therapy is:

  • modern advances in medical science,
  • clear evidence that using our own blood can improve the quality of our life,
  • stimulates organism’s protective functions.

Philosophy of PRP therapy is combining innovative design with an innate ability of the body to heal itself. It stimulates the protective functions of the body, improving metabolism in tissues by injecting platelet-rich plasma. This is actually patients’ blood plasma previously treated in special way.

Carboxy therapy is:

  • one of the most effective and safe procedures of modern cosmetology,
  • alternative to plastic surgery,
  • treatment with carbon dioxide (CO2).

Procedures using CO2 are successfully combined with other curative means. Among treatment methods are baths with carbon dioxide, pneumo puncture, intake of carbonated mineral water. The use of carbon dioxide is effective for treatment of various diseases, including nervous disorders and cardiovascular diseases.



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