Consultative and diagnostic department

Consultative and diagnostic department — provides consulting, conducts medical and diagnostic procedures.

Consultations provided by such specialists:

  • Therapist — provides an overview of the patient, writes referral to diagnostic examinations, appoint medical and health treatments, prescribes drinking regime of mineral water;
  • Cardiologist — consults patients, performs electrocardiogram (ECG), cardio-test, Holter monitoring of blood pressure and ECG;
  • Urologist — consults, conducts ultrasonography of kidneys, bladder, prostate and scrotum (scrotal);
  • Gynecologist — provides consultations, ultrasound examination of female genital mutilation, colposcopy, cyto morphological research of epithelium of the cervix and cervical canal;
  • Dentist performs a wide range of services related to treatment and prevention of diseases of teeth and gums;
  • Nutritionist — provides advice to patients on nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and puts goals to achieve certain results related to health and nutrition in accordance with the goals and needs of the patient;
  • Otolaryngologist — provides services on diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose and throat; gives intranasal injections, intralacunar gland washing;
  • Neurologist — diagnoses and treats diseases of the nervous system, involved in the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies of the brain, nerves, back pain, sciatica, osteoporosis, neuralgia, trauma, nervous system abnormalities, disorders of the nervous sensitivity or conductivity; performs reflexology, pneumopuncture, spinal traction, shock wave therapy;
  • Endocrinologist — provides services on diagnosis and treatment of obesity, diabetes, thyroid disease and other endocrine diseases;
  • Ophthalmologist — provides comprehensive examination and treatment of eye diseases, takes eye pressure, makes the selection of glasses, Demodex eyelash test;
  • Dermatologist (dermatologist) — provides services on diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases, conducts special beauty treatments to help to correct the aesthetic appearance of the patient engaged in healing procedures of skin, teaches how to take care of skin.



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