Mineral waters' pump-room

In the mineral waters' pump-room of the resort complex Rixos Prykarpattya guests are offered to try unique healing mineral waters of Truskavets deposit «Naftusya», «Maria» and «Morshynska №6».

Transportation and storage of mineral waters in carbon dioxide and slight heating of 1-2 portions just before drinking keep the valuable components of mineral waters.

Curative properties of «Naftusya»:

  • Improves urodynamic processes in the body,
  • Promotes the extraction of sand crystals and small stones,
  • It has anti-inflammatory effect,
  • Prevents stone formation in kidneys and gall bladder,
  • Increases the activity of endocrine glands,
  • Purifies the body from toxins and non-oxidized metabolic products,
  • Improves liver function and restores immune system,
  • Provides choleretic, analgesic and detoxification effect.

Curative properties of «Maria»:

  • Normalizes gastric secretion,
  • Stimulates gastric motor function,
  • Improves bile formation and flow,
  • Relieves inflammatory and spasmodic effects of gastrointestinal tract.

Curative properties of «Morshynska №6»:

  • Normalizes motor function of the stomach and intestines,
  • Stimulates gastric secretion,
  • Improves metabolism.


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