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The magical world of transformation «Casa Deі» is a place that is popular not only among our wonderful women, but also men. You will get much more than a chic hairstyle, manicure, depilation. Thanks to a whole set of procedures both appearance and inner world of those visiting the beauty shop turn into a magnet that attracts the strongest and most beautiful people.

Thermo Spa Concerto will give you an inexpressible feeling of lightness and euphoria. It’s a unique system that will restore vitality, create extra comfort, relax all muscle groups, remove the tension from the spinal column.

Traditional methods of naturotherapy with the use of steam, solar heat in combination with water, soft color change and a bouquet of your favorite fragrances will relax and restore the vitality of those who wish to try our Spa capsule. Hydrofusion, chromotherapy, music therapy, infrared heat, vibromassage — this is not the full list of procedures that you can have in SPA-capsule.

Effective and win-win means to combat fatigue and overstrain is a hydromassage bath.

We use only the latest modern innovations of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine to treat various aspects of cellulite such as well-equipped room for vacuum massage therapy, where you can get painless procedure that will help to restore and maintain youth and beauty of your skin. Another effective method to combat cellulite is pressure therapy. With Lymphatic massage your body get rid of excess fluid and toxins, improve circulation, and improve your appearance.

In Myostimulation room you can quickly get rid of excess weight, improve your body shape and strengthen muscles.

To complete your unique style you should visit our specialists of manicure and pedicure and the hairdresser who will give you professional advice on the treatment of your hair and its structural improvement.

You will get incredible pleasure visiting our beauty shop. You will experience the real power of your charm and your new style made by our beauty specialists.


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