Beautiful, smooth and elastic body is not a dream. Anybody can have one. You can get rid of cellilite by proceeding «Anticellulite Program» at «Rixos-Prykarpattya». This program is specifically intended for cellulite elimination and also is a good preventive measure . A distinctive feature of this program from other programs is its primary effect on subcutaneous adipose tissue, not on muscles.


Expected results:

Services included in the program

Name of the service Quantity of services
Body care: 3
   -   «Soysoy Body»  
   -   «Cell Control»  
   -   «Celulit Burn Dstress»  
Pressure therapy session + 6
Electro - myostimulation session 3


Programme price — 7 065 UAH.
When booking this programme you save up to 10% on Beauty shop and SPA-Centre services included in the Programme.
Programme is intended for 6 days.

The price does not include accommodation.
This programme is not valid for «Resort Rate» and «SPA-Rate».



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